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CYCLoPs is a comprehensive Web database of protein abundance and localization changes for budding yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. CYCLoPs contains high resolution images covering about 75% of the yeast proteome (~4144 proteins) under multiple chemical and genetic perturbations. These images and quantitative measurements of changes in protein levels and sub-cellular localization following treatments were generated from high-content screening of yeast cells conducted in Moffat Lab and Andrews Lab at Terrence Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biochemical Research (CCBR), University of Toronto.

Current version of CYCLoPS is 0.1 (Documentation).

  Latest Database statistics
  • Total micrographs in CYCLoPS: 330,248   Total cells: > 2.7 million
  • Proteins screened: 4,144
  • Total screens: 18
  • Chong YT, Koh JLY, Friesen H, Duffy SK, Cox MJ, Moses A, Moffat J, Boone C, and Andrews BJ. Yeast Proteome Dynamics from Single Cell Imaging and Automated Analysis. Cell 2015 June 4; 161(6).
  • Koh JLY, Chong YT, Friesen H, Moses A, Boone C, Andrews BJ, Moffat J. CYCLoPs: a comprehensive database constructed from automated analysis of protein abundance and sub-cellular localization patterns in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. G3 2015 June 1; 5(6).
For description of the database content, please email Judice Koh, Yolanda Chong or Jason Moffat

   Retrieve cell images, localization and abundance profiles of a protein in all screens. Download LOC-score, zLOC score and abundance levels of given protein.
   Retrieve top proteins exhibiting significant localization in specified sub-cellular compartment. Download LOC-scores and visualize micrographs and cells.
  Retrieve top proteins exhibiting significant localization change from or towards a specified sub-cellular compartment. Download zLOC scores and visualize micrographs and cells.
   Retrieve proteins exhibiting significant intensity changes in specified screen. Download intensity measures Ig and change in protein level δPL scores.
   Batch download latest CYCLoPS scores and images.

Copyright © Moffat Lab and Andrews lab at CCBR, University of Toronto, 2014